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A short collect of flash fiction pieces, that were done by a student at Full Sail University.
"In the Lion's Den", "When I wake", and "The Static" are all pieces that delve into people's everyday fears but in unique settings. Fear of dying, being found out, or never waking from a nightmare.
"In the Lion's Den"- In a futuristic setting, a mob boss still needs to show people who is in charge. When a young girl is brought in, she must put fear into this girl and also find out why this girl is important. The girl is a mouse inside her lion's den.
"When I wake"- "I can't feel my limbs." That's the first thought that goes through your head as you wake up in the middle of the night. You can't move. Then you see it. Crawling up from under your bed is a demonic creature. Eyes the color of blood, and it's skin stretched over it's face. It slowly crawls closer and closer.
"The Static"- The TV static is the only thing illuminating your office at night. You're here because she found out about her. You should feel worse about everything you've done, but strangely you don't. You feel like static.
This is the first book published by Rachel Israel, who is still studying to become a writer. Each was written with an idea in mind that she talks about in the introduction to the book. With only three short stories this collection is nice for an afternoon read.

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