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Jamaica's Creole Language

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Every hoe ha dem tick a bush (jam.creole)
There's someone for everyone (eng.meaning)

Puss an dog nuh have the same luck (jam.creole)
Some people are luckier than some (eng.meaning)

Chicken merry, hawk deh near (jam.creole)
Watch the fun danger may in the air (eng.meaning)

Duppy know who fi frighten (jam.creole)
People know who they should intimidate (eng.meaning)

Ole time sinting come back again (jam.creole)
Don't be too jumpy with what (eng.meaning)

Nuh fling weh yuh sticks aftah yuh cross di wata (jam.creole)
Don't forget where you are coming from (eng.meaning)

Ole time fiyah stick nuh hard fi ketch (jam.creole)
You can easily get back your ex-girl and ex-boy friend. (eng.meaning)

Fowl weh feed a yaad nuh hard fi ketch (jam.creole)
I'll catch you, you'll be around (eng.meaning)

Wah gwaan Jamaica?
whata gwaan massive?
These are few of the words, Which surprisingly escaped from the stuttering tongue of the United State of America, President, the most Honorable Barack Obama on a previous visit the original welcoming reggae Island.
The same utterance from the president and more are the contents this marvelous hand book, which will shape you through and through the alluring humor language, better known as the Jamaican's creole aka the Patwa language.This is the same vocabulary of the icon Bob Marley, Usain bolt shaggy and those are few of the Stars who dwelt with this cultural gift.
This enjoying token, which will help better understanding of the world known reggae and popular dance-hall music, Meanwhile you can be copping the poetic tone of the wonderful people as well, this will be a mile-stone for dreamers who wants to pen happy time reggae songs.
The book will surely direct you from Patwa words converting to English words, similarity in spellings,
pronunciation, liked street-talk popular proverbs and much more.
This had been designed for everyone.....................................................................

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