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Where To Choose: The Carole Ann Gibson Mysteries, #2

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As the best damn trial lawyer in town, Carole Ann Gibson had defended them all--from the white collar crooks who stole with computers and legal loopholes to the street crooks who dealt drugs and stole with knives and guns. Then the bad guys took her husband's life and CA walked away from her law practice. But what does a lawyer who doesn't practice law do all day, especially if she's still all but paralyzed by grief? What does she do with her wealth if all that money can't buy back her husband's life? She answers a call for help from her mother and runs home to Los Angeles, only to find the beautiful, peaceful community where she grew up--Jacaranda Estates--controlled by violent thugs who prey on the mostly senior residents, and a police department that seems not to care. CA is confused and perplexed by the situation and searches for some kind of logical explanation. Then her mother is attacked and beaten and all logic evaporates. As a long-time martial arts practitioner, CA rushes to her mother's rescue with one thought in mind: To hurt the attacker before he can cause any more harm to her mother. But CA doesn't just hurt him, she kills him. Once again, everything in her life changes shape. And once again, the cops and the lawyer who came to her aid and rescue in Louisiana are there for her. And it's a good thing, too, because the brand of evil that has invaded Jacaranda Estates is more sinister than anyone can imagine.

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