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One Must Wait: The Carole Ann Gibson Mysteries, #1

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Carole Ann Gibson: They call her the best damn trial lawyer in town, and in a town like Washington, DC, that's no small feat. She's a partner in a top tier law firm earning big bucks keeping criminals out of jail. She's so good at her job that she almost blows the case of the first innocent client she's had in years--a rookie DC cop,Tommy Griffin, wrongly accused of being dirty--because she hadn't realized that she'd begun to treat all criminal cases the same. But when the client isn't a criminal? It was exactly the wake-up call she needed: The reminder that it doesn't matter how well you know the law if you've forgotten what justice is. At the same time CA is having her crisis of conscience, a highly paid partner in another big time law firm is having similar feelings about his corporate client criminals.That lawyer is CA's husband, Al. Suppose they didn't defend criminals any more--white collar or no collar? Before they can really enjoy the feeling of freedom, Al is killed in what appears to be a random street mugging. DC is, after all, a dangerous city at night. But things aren't always what they seem, especially in the dark hallways of the rich and powerful in DC. It's Tommy Griffin, the rookie cop that CA saved, who shakes her out of her grief with the fact that Al's death was no accident--he was murdered. The homicide detective on the case took a bullet in the back to shut down his investigation gives CA one piece of advice: Don't get mad, get even. The best damn trial lawer in town is on a mission to find out who murdered her husband. The search takes her to the bayous of Louisiana where things really get dark and dangerous, where nothing and nobody are what they seem, where CA almost loses her own life in the search to bring her husband's killer to justice...and where the law is a murky as the swamps.  

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