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When It Comes: Vampire Assassin League, #31

Length: 114 pages2 hours



Detective Mitch Hartnett's a 4th-generation cop.  Works undercover.  His world is set.  Structured.  No nonsense.  No leeway.  He's martial arts trained.  Arrogant. Cocksure.  But when a pick-pocket filches his badge during a sting, he discovers a lot more than a beauty in a corset...  


Adelaide came from the Edwardian era.  Early twentieth century.  She was British-born.  Street-wise.  Lived by her wits and her agility.  She's especially leery of cops.  With good cause.  They're the reason she became a vampire in the first place.  And her opinion hasn't changed since.


Arresting a pick pocket turns Mitch's life into chaos.  It starts with busted cuffs and stolen ID as she escapes.  Escalates when the fingerprints she left get traced to improbable cold case files.  Gains traction with how she mesmerizes him every time he lets his guard down.  She's worse than an addiction.  She's turning his nights into fantasy-filled dreams.  But then she comes to him... 

And makes them real.

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