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A Hundred Stolen Breaths

Length: 285 pages4 hours


There Is No Place To Hide.

In a world where Defective Clones are shunned, there is one organization willing to fight for them. The Resistance is growing more powerful by the day and Wren is integral to their plan.

Desperate to find her best friend, Rocky, Wren is willing to do anything to get him back. Even if that means trusting those she never thought she would. Finding allies is not as easy as locating enemies.

Trooper Reece is making mistakes too. Working undercover for the Resistance, he finds out how difficult it really is to blend in while everyone is watching each of his actions. If he wants to take down President Stone, he must risk everything he has.

In the second, thrilling book in the Defectives Series, Wren and Reece must go to extreme lengths in order to fight for what they truly believe in – both publicly and personally.

The Defectives Series includes:

Three Fates Entwined
Two Beating Hearts
A Hundred Stolen Breaths
One Spark of Hope

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