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Paradise Interrupted: The Carole Ann Gibson Mysteries, #4

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She's first G in GGI: Gibson, Graham International, the investigative and security company founded by ex-criminal defense attorney Carole Ann Gibson and ex-DC homicide detective Jacob Graham. It didn't take long for the DC-based company to earn a reputation as one of the best in the business. Their newest job: Guide a newly independent Caribbean nation enter the 21 century. The island nation contracts GGI to do it all--from the establishment of a police force to bringing telephone service to the island to ensuring that modern, international security protocols protect the new president and his ministers as they conduct business. Then the president's two body guards are murdered and GGI must build a police department in a hurry. A fugitive drug dealer from DC is hiding out on the island, construction of a road to the new government building is sabotaged and the foreman murdered, and CA is attacked in the yard of her home on the island. And she's on her own this time--nothing to fall back on but her her own skill, wit, and the new chief of the island's new five person police force. This is a story of blackmail, family secrets, political sacrifice and, ultimately, betrayal. 

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