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Keeping Secrets: The Mimi Patterson/Gianna Maglione Mysteries, #1

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Someone is murdering wealthy, married, and deeply closeted gay people in Washington, DC--four so far, brutally and always in a dark parking lot. Police lieutenant Gianna Maglione is head of the Hate Crimes Unit and it's her job to find the perp. Except that after four murders, she and her team don't have a single clue and the only thing they know for sure is that there will be another murder. Making Gianna's life even more difficult is investigative newspaper reporter Mimi Patterson who, despite Gianna's best efforts, also is investigating the murders. She knows things that nobody but Gianna's team knows: The names of the victims and method of their murders, and she's going to write a story. Mimi thinks people--especially gay people--should know they could be in danger. As they both pursue the killer following different paths, their growing attracting to each other is a problem neither welcomes. Then there's the fact that the killer has an eye on Gianna's locked closed door. The nation's capital is not an easy place in which to keep a secret.

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