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Street Justice

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In a world where those at the top seem to constantly get away with murder, often quite literally, where white collar crime is punished with a mere slap on the wrist or more often than not just swept under the rug, wouldn't it be nice to see at least some form of punishment meted out? Street Justice poses one of those big what if questions that lurk in the back of our minds. What would we like to see happen to that murderer when he's caught? What if those muggers chose the wrong person to steal from and got a severe beating for their troubles? Now imagine if one day the government decided to do something about it, a token gesture at least, and offer the choice between thirty years behind bars for playing a role in crashing the stock market, or thirty days seeing how the other half, in this case, the homeless. What with overcrowding in prisons as it is, as well as public resentment at having to pay their taxes for people like that to serve a shortened sentence in an open prison watching TV, getting three meals a day when ordinary folk rely on food banks, wouldn't it make more sense to give them a much shorter, but much harsher sentence sleeping out in the cold, eating out of rubbish bins, etc? Based on trust, in this scenario there would be no need for walls, barbed wire, armed guards, etc, only an independent film maker and his crew, moderate government funding and a team of three genuinely homeless men with drug and alcohol issues to run the show. What could possibly go wrong? Heaven forbid it ever did and word were to get out, the whole thing might just be swept under the rug, all footage of the event seized, never to see the light of day ever again. But what if, just if, a transcript of the recorded material still existed? Now imagine those shameless champagne guzzling, tax avoiding, let them eat cake boys getting the only real justice they deserve. Street Justice!

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