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You Are What and How You Eat: A Simple Guide to Eating Properly

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Do you know that the food that you eat and your nutrition play a major part in your health and appearance? What you eat shapes your body and your future. 

Learn how nutrition and food plays an important role in your life: your mood, your physique and your disease risk factors. Eight percent (80%) of your fitness level and weight loss standing are dependent on the types of food that you consume.  

If you are a gym buff but still struggles with weight and fitness, it's not the lack of exercise that is the culprit – it must be the food that you have been eating and the manner of how you eat them.  

Learn the practical principles on how to live your life properly and healthily by knowing the right balance between proper food and nutrition and your tendencies.

This book will give you the compelling reason why you are where you are and the things that you can do to change that. After all, you are what you and how you eat…

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