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How to Love Yourself

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There’s a kind of love that everyone on earth deserves. A love that everyone needs. What so many of us humans crave without even knowing it… love. Sadly, a lot of us don’t understand that the love we need the most can only be given to us by ourselves. We seem to liken ourselves to our pets, longing for other people’s attention and feeling empty when there’s no one around to pat us on the head when we do well and hug us when we mess up. We concentrate on loving other people sometimes fiercely in the search for that elusive self-love that we haven’t discovered that we need yet.

No matter how much another person, be they spouse, lover, mother, father, brother or sister, shows you love, nothing will take care of that vacuum  inside of you until you identify yourself, embrace what you are, who you are and become comfortable with yourself.

The purpose of this book is to help you love yourself. You have to understand that your perfection lies in your imperfection; understanding of this will help you love yourself more.

The goal is to aspire for a higher kind of love. One not hinged on proviso’s and emotional refunds. In this situation, your ego is relegated to the background and your neediness reduces. Love becomes a healing balm to make relationships more soothing and calm. Your insecurity lessens as your awareness expands. You become more at peace with yourself and others.

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