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Alchemy of Christ: The Book of Revelations

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It has been a long tradition among the Hebrews to use the pesher (dream interpretation code) which had encoded messages regarding two levels of information written within a story. One level was written as an allegory that told a message about morality. The other level was written about esoteric instruction and political events which mirrored inner growth. In this book The Alchemy of Christ: The Book of Revelation I give a commentary on the Book of Revelations where study posits the true author was Jesus’s most Beloved, Mary Magdalene, the same anonymous author of the Fourth Gospel. Apocalypse means revealing, and it is the revealing of the Christ within. The final battle of Armageddon takes place within us. This is an inner war that will transform us and bring us back to recovery to the state of Christ Consciousness. The political struggles within the world mirror the transformation of the individual. Just as we recover, the earth as a whole will recover as well leading to an enlightened Civilization.

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