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Biofields & Bliss Trilogy

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3 books in one! In a bid to present a more complete version of her work in Interdimensional Biofield Technology, metaphysical author Jasmuheen has now combined the Trilogy of the Biofields & Bliss series into one complete manual.
Dealing with principles of the futuristic Higher Light Science that are also based on ancient wisdom, Book 1 – "Four Body Fitness" delivers a free, non-religious based lifestyle to harmonize our internal & external energy flows so that we can experience our full physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential. Book 2 – "Co-creating Paradise" takes this to the family and community levels while Book 3 – "'The Madonna Frequency' Planetary Peace Program" looks at very specific global projects to eliminate war and violence and address basic human rights and bring peace & prosperity to all in our world.

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