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Que Sera, Sera: An Alternative Journey to the Fifa World Cup

157 pages2 hours


Que Sera Sera recounts the factual story of England’s qualification for World Cup 2002 through the eyes of an Englishman on his journey through France, the UK, South America and Italy.

Using a timescale starting with England’s first qualification match in October 2000 and ending with the World Cup Final in June 2002, my journey takes in Bournemouth, Buenos Aires, Chile, Bolivia, Chicago, Paris, Milan and more.

Que Sera Sera describes my quest to watch each England game in the face of adversity, language barriers and uncountable obstacles.

With a strong emphasis on cross-cultural differences and the problems encountered when moving to a new country, this book is part travel log, part football review, and part observation of foreign culture, way of life and language.

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