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H.S. Counseling Wisdom: Relentegrity - The Relentless Pursuit of Integrity

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If you are looking for a quick reference to intriguing topics in High School Counseling, you have found it. Many people don’t know what school counselors really do or can do to have a great impact on their student’s lives and that of the school environment. This book is meant to educate the reader on many different facets of school counseling as the school counselor is an integral part of any successful school community. With the experiences, ideas and student/staff testimonials found in this book, readers will be able to gain a better understanding of what this very challenging field/career faces on a daily basis.
If we are to make that difference in people’s lives, it must start with us, the school counselor being relentless in the pursuit of integrity in everything we do. Is demonstrating Relentegrity in advocating for your students challenging? Yes! Impossible maybe, rewarding most definitely! Find out for yourself, in this casual and sometimes humorous read by a very experienced school counselor.

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