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Yale Law Journal: Volume 125, Number 8 - June 2016

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This issue of the Yale Law Journal (the 8th and final issue of academic year 2015-2016) features articles and essays by notable scholars, as well as extensive student research. The issue's contents include:

* Article, "The President's Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control," Eloise Pasachoff

* Article, "Foundling Fathers: (Non-)Marriage and Parental Rights in the Age of Equality," Serena Mayeri

* Feature, "The Constitutionality of Civil Forfeiture," Caleb Nelson

The student research contributions are:

* Note, "Founding-Era Jus Ad Bellum and the Domestic Law of Treaty Withdrawal," Daniel J. Hessel

* Comment, "Reimagining Finality in Parallel Patent Proceedings," Ben Picozzi

* Comment, "Ideological Imbalance and the Peremptory Challenge," Joshua Revesz

Quality digital editions include active Contents for the issue and for individual articles, linked footnotes, active URLs in notes, and proper digital and Bluebook presentation from the original edition.

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