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Dead Dogs & Splintered Hearts

211 pages3 hours


“Read everything with his name on” – Tony Parsons
“A little bit of Fellini/Fitzgerald in feeling” – Oliver Stone

In these 24 short stories, author Tom Ward invites you inside a world at times heartbreaking, occasionally violent, and often perverse.

Featuring: a sophisticated assassin, celebratory Parisian cabaret dancers and a magazine cool enough to literally explode minds, and diving into: love and shattered hopes in the South of France, the ghost of Norman Mailer, a disgraced Father Christmas, and cannibalistic school teachers, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy, or at least be offended by.

And that’s before we’ve even touched on: Lithuanian beauties, fingers cut to the bone, a bag of eyeballs, Mexican evenings with dishonoured famous cyclists, Charles Bukowksi’s pub, and the latest in scientific seduction techniques.

Oh, and there’s the occasional dog, as well.

Includes the GQ Norman Mailer Award-winning ‘Four Night Stand’

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