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Mildred on the Marne: Mildred Aldrich, Front-line Witness 1914-1918

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In 1914 an American journalist retired to a small house in France—only to find herself in the middle of World War I, and eventually having an impact on the U.S.'s actions in the warThis is the story of 59-year-old Mildred Aldrich and her experiences of the First World War. She retired to a small hilltop house called La Creste in 1914, with views across the Marne River and Valley, little realising that she would become embroiled in the first major battle of the war. In spite of the danger, she decided to stay and help the British and French soldiers. Her home was threatened by the German advance, with Uhlans hiding in adjacent woods; indeed, the Germans marched right up to her house. However, the British and French pushed the Germans into retreat and La Creste remained in safe territory for the duration. The Allies fought the first major battle of the First World War in the Marne Valley and Mildred's 'beloved panorama' turned into the valley of horror and death. Informed by journalist Mildred's unpublished journals and voices of those serving in the BEF, and French and German forces, along with historical military background, Slattery-Christy examines events from the unique perspective of a remarkable woman who lived through them all.

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