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Productivity Now: The Commonwealth and International Library: Social Administration, Training, Economics and Production Division

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Productivity Now presents the proper study of management. This book examines the three ways of increasing productivity, namely, by improved management technology, by improved machine technology and investment, and by a faster rate of work.

Comprised of four chapters, this book begins with an overview of the differences between short-term productivity advances and long-term improvements. This text then examines the significance of cooperation between the management and workers. Other chapters consider the main disadvantages with the use of industrial consultants whereby his actions are misunderstood and his motives are mistrusted by the people he hopes to reorganize. This book discusses as well the distinction between organization and cooperation in increasing productivity. The final chapter deals with work simplification, work measurement, and production control.

This book is a valuable resource for operational and plant managers. Management writers, industrial consultants, research workers, graduate students, and economists will also find this book useful.

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