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Real Time Programming 1983: Proceedings of the 12th IFAC/IFIP Workshop, Hatfield, UK, 29-31 March 1983

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Real Time Programming 1983 contains the proceedings of the 12th IFAC/IFIP Workshop held at Hatfield, UK on March 29-31, 1983.
The book organizes the papers of the workshop into four categories: Programming Support Environments; Testing Real-Time Programs; Databases for Real-Time Systems; and Languages and Language Implementations. The papers on Programming Support Environments category cover application-oriented requirements specifications, configuration control, and design description languages of real-time programming. Papers on Databases for Real-Time Systems category talk about wide range of aspects of the problem in the system. Five papers on Testing Real-Time Programs category show importance of structure in producing software; principles in testing and reliability issues; use of separate computer for measuring and tracing real-time software; set of tools and methods for testing real-time software; and set of debugging facilities incorporated into the language Modula. The Languages and Language Implementations category explains the exception handling mechanisms provided by languages; performance of the run-time support to task management in ADA; and implementation of multi-tasking and inter-task message passing for Industrial Real-Time Basic.

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