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The Lost and The Wicked

247 pages3 hours


Year: 2107
When 16-year-old Mandy Glau returns to Earth after a six-year space expedition, she can't wait to get back to her normal teenage life. But she never could have foreseen what would transpire.
Mandy's ship, holding her sisters and two hundred crew members, sinks into the bottom of the Pacific. Mandy escapes, only to find that the Earth she knew is no more. It has been destroyed and is now devoid of human life. Once proud cities now lie tattered in ruins, shells of their former selves. And a new diabolical species has taken residence in her former home planet.
Mandy must now race against the clock as she struggles to get her family and crew free from the sunken ship, the same ship that only has two weeks left of air supply. But now a new evil is hunting her, determined to end humanity once and for all.

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