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Poverty Tested, Prosperity Approved

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Poverty Tested, Prosperity Approved is a soul stirring book that reveals factual life struggles due to very limited education. The result of this misfortune is a life of poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence, low self-esteem, and other negative attachments. It expresses the difficulty of being least, while waiting to be recognized by those whom are fortunate in the social realm.

The author, Cynthia Haynes Asmond, once craved the homebody life because she despised the whispers, bullying, taunting, laughing, and finger pointing from others, including family members. Thank God she had a mother who taught her how to survive and keep it moving in spite of her struggles. More importantly, thank God she had a father who taught her how to strive.
Not everyone feels as though they have that person in their life who can encourage them. That is exactly why Cynthia penned this book. Now, through the sharing of some of the most traumatic and intimate experiences in her life, Cynthia is able to inspire others to perform with optimism and a smile, regardless of their situation and circumstance. Poverty Tested, Prosperity Approved is a designated compass for those who are living beneath their privilege, and for those who might be deemed more fortunate in certain areas, but need mental strength and holistic stability. Even if you find yourself in neither of these predicaments, allow this book to be used as a simple tool of inspiration to press forward with inner and outer happiness and peace.

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