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Reminiscences Of The Great Mutiny 1857-59 [Illustrated Edition]: Including The Relief, Siege, And Capture Of Lucknow, And The Campaigns In Rohilcund And Oude

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Illustrated with over one hundred maps, photos and portraits, of the battles, individuals and places involved in the Indian Mutiny.

A fascinating view of the Indian Mutiny from a non-commissioned officer.

“These Reminiscences are submitted to the public in the trust that they will be welcomed alike by soldier and civilian. They are recorded by one who was himself an actor in the scenes which he describes, and who viewed them from a novel and most unusual position for a military historian—the ranks.

They have been carefully perused by an officer who was present at many of the operations mentioned; and considerable pains have been taken to verify, wherever possible, those incidents of which he was not personally cognisant.

The interest of Mr. Forbes-Mitchell’s straightforward and soldierlike story is enhanced by the coincidence that he takes up the pen where Lady Inglis laid it down; and it is hoped that this volume may prove an acceptable continuation of her touching narrative of the Defence of Lucknow, and that, as a record of the Great Mutiny, it may furnish another thrilling chapter in that unparalleled story of suffering and of heroism,—of man’s bravery and of woman’s devotion.”—Introduction

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