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An American Song

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Seven trips. Forty-eight states. Eighty-thousand miles of back roads.
And a treasury of uplifting, hilarious, heartbreaking, and enlightening stories.
Within An American Song can be found these tales, collected by the author in his three year exploration of America. Supplemented by thoughtful, elegant prose, these stories form the foundation of an indispensable read and a unique piece of travel literature. Gifts from the too-often anonymous storytellers of America, the stories resonate with the spirit of those who told them and the wondrous places in which they were told, and from them is sung the ever-changing relationship between an American traveler and the country and people he holds dear. It is an opus in turns celebratory and critical, humorous and serious, contemplative and lighthearted, but always fresh, honest, and deeply personal in its insights.

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