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Guardians of the Field

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A doomsday trigger. A field of magic. A desperate call to those who can see beyond the veil of life and death.

The field of the Esarad is the home of scryers, ageless ones who enter both future and past at will. Karin Anavid is determined to protect her young daughter, born a scryer, from those who would harm her. Maeta, a guardian of the Esarad, guides them both in a desperate race across a land gutted by war. They face a ruler obsessed with finding a hidden route through the ice mountains of Scrinac into the Esarad to annihilate it, and the betrayal of an old friend whose greed has consumed him into darkness.

And there is Yorajil, a child of light, who follows her mother and guardian but is led by forces she barely understands to find her true home.

Each one is drawn inexorably toward the ruined city of Alcedama and a doomsday trigger that lies at the heart of an ancient prophecy.

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