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Grow A Pair: Gay Erotic Ghost Story Shorts

57 pages49 minutes


True love turns spooky in this pair of gay erotic ghost story romances by G.R. Richards.

It’s Like a Party in my Closet: After years of partying, Dustin’s ready for a bit of rest and relaxation. As soon as Dustin moves into to his big barren farmhouse, weird things start to happen--music in the middle of the night, weird lights under his closet door? When he works up the courage to peek inside the closet of mystery, what he finds inside will change his life forever.

The Magic of Moving Houses: For Gareth, Friday night means another evening at home with Nan, dreaming of a happy-ever-after with his neighbour Dylan. Deep in the night, Nan and Gareth's house starts disappearing piece by piece. Strangely, so does Dylan’s. Of all the houses on the block, theirs are the only two in self-destruct mode. Do the mysterious disappearances have something to do with Dylan and Gareth's grandfathers who, according to Nan, shared a "very close bond"? Or do the houses have a magical plan to unite the young men?

Two gay erotic romances about haunted houses, military men, and spooky sixty-nines!

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