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The Inconvenient Unborn

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England in the near future - though you may not like what you see.

The Cazenoves and the Wilsons don't get along, leastways the parents don't – the teenage kids adore each other, most of the time, but when the oldest Wilson girl, Tracey, falls pregnant, sparks fly.

Donald Cazenove just happens to be Freddie Wilson's boss, but Fred isn't without influence himself, being the senior shop steward, and the business is struggling to survive, and a strike could play havoc with Donald's figures.

"The Inconvenient Unborn" is set in Britain in the near future, where after years of austerity, a left-wing Labour Party has been returned to power with a huge majority, and they now intend to change Britain forever. They have a mandate. They have conviction. They have belief. They have the power.

And then there's a state visit to Britain by the most powerful man on earth, Yuri Premakov, the Russian President, and his precocious and very beautiful film star wife, Tamara, bringing gifts of much needed gas and oil and energy, at a price, and he's even visiting Lymington on the south coast of England, where most of this book is set.

So who wins out? The Cazenoves or the Wilsons, and what exactly is Yuri Premakov doing in Britain?

"The Inconvenient Unborn" will take you on a journey you can barely imagine. young love meets political thriller in a clash that will keep you interested to the very end.

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