Ketogenic Cookbook: Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Food, Snacks, Cooking Book

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Ketogenic Cookbook: Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Food, Snacks, Cooking Book

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Ketogenic Cookbook: Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Food, Snacks, Cooking Book
The Ketogenic Diet is quickly become one of the greatest diets there is. Thousands of people including celebrities are adopting it everyday to achieve their fat burning and weight loss goals.
The Ketogenic Diet is a high protien, low carb diet that helps you shed weight and burn fat like no other. It has been known to be incredibly effective at helping with other things too such as diabetes and fighting off some cancers.
It also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and fight heart disease. So if you have been trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier then you owe it to yourself to give this diet a try!
Discover why Ketogenic Dieting is The Perfect Solution to Sustainable Weight Loss and Healthy Living!
A ketogenic diet focuses on bringing the body into a very powerful fat burning state known as ‘ketosis’.
Ketosis is a state of the body’s metabolism where carbohydrates are not the product being broken down to supply energy – instead fats are used both from food and (most importantly) from body fat stores.
By training the body to burn its own fat rather than carbohydrates from food, you can lose weight at a rapid and healthy rate, this book will show you how to do exactly that.
These twenty-five delicious Ketogenic recipes are the perfect way to get started towards long-term, healthy weight loss.
Delicious Veggie recipes to make sure you still get your greens!
Simple and delicious meat based Ketogenic recipes!
Some Recipes include:
Stunning Breakfast Keto Hash
King sized Keto Breakfast Banana Chia Seed Pudding
Supreme Keto Diet Cinnamon Rolls
Legendary Keto Diet Cinnamon Breakfast Balls
Historic Keto Tomato Bacon Egg & Cheese Scramble
Amazing Keto Diet Veggie & Gruyère Cheese Omelet
Delightful Tantalizing Donuts
Tempting Waffles with Pumpkin Touch
Keto-friendly baking, delicious, Keto friendly meals to put in your oven!
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