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Black Wife Mistress

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“After eating, I had of course to arrange everything and make the washing up. When I came back to the terrace, they were again in the sofas under the shadow.

- After a good lunch, it is nice to have a rest. While we are resting, you are going to show us how you use your tongue! Come here!

I came close to her.

- Put your hands at your back!

I obeyed. She tied them together. After, she moved her panty and showed her shaved ....

- L.... it!

I came inside her .. and ... her ..... She was very ... and it did not take long for her to .... As soon as she ..., she pushed me back.

- Now go and make your tour, you start from the left!

- Yes Mistress.

Going on my knees with my hands in my back, I approached the first girl on her left. As I was close to her, she moved her pant and showed her .... to me. I knelt in front of her, inside her .... and did the same to her. She ... after more than ten minutes and I went to the next one. When I finished my tour, the girls were claiming for another run, and I had to do it again.

It was late when this activity was completed and the girls went back to their rooms whereas Ju untied my arms. I was arranging everything in the garden before going back inside. It was just sunset. I came back inside.”...

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