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Let the Games Begin: Ashbrook, Montana, #1

232 pages3 hours


James has one weekend to prove that Marianna belongs with him. 

Marianna thinks she has found a way out of her marriage when her favorite aunt presents a challenge with big prizes. She's been a loving mother and faithful wife for so long, Marianna doesn't know who she is anymore. Just maybe if she walked her own road, she'd discover the excitement everyone else in her life seems to have found. Then comes the "The Family Challenge of 2015". The first couple to complete a series of events coordinated by her rich aunt wins a large portion of her estate.James Benjamin has known for quite some time his wife has been unhappy. That's why he enlisted the help of her aunt to prove that she belongs by his side. Except neither he nor Aunt Tee expected the skeletons that have the power to sabotage the entire family to come to light in the middle of the excitement. What was meant to build relationships has the power to tear them apart. Does James have it in him to remind Marianna that love is more powerful than any obstacle set before them?

Read the small town romance story that has readers finishing the story with a smile

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