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Attainment in One Sweep

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The word "Attainment" refers to the execution of sudden insight into the truth of being. Self-Realization is another word that describes the event and it results in the immediate clarification of exactly whom one really is. This is not a casual insight since it forever reveals that the human condition is merely one of convenience since the appearance of the physical world is immediately dissolved to reveal the truth of being as absolutely "transcendent". The true Self emerges from this process in the same way that the legendary Phoenix arises from the ashes and bursts through the flames of incorrectly understood "reality". Many persons spend their whole lives in questing after this experience without success and teaming multitudes do not even know that such a process exists. This book covers the successful application of a process known to successfully bring about attainment in one fell swoop. Granted there is a certain amount of preparation required but the services of a qualified Guru (teacher) are not obligatory in any manner, shape or form. This book will do the trick - the procedure described and the effects observed are taken first-hand from life as it is (and has been) lived. This is a True story.

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