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How do I do: What the Bible says?

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Many Christians do not always know how to DO the instructions contained in the Bible. In this book, certain very practical points from the Bible are discussed,e.g. how to lead someone to the Lord, or how to baptize someone, or how to live in spiritual authority against satan's demons, etc. This book by no means tries to convey that everything contained in its pages regarding the specific matters are complete, or the only way that any of the specific questions can be answered. We must also realize that we cannot try to reduce God’s Word to some fixed rules and regulations through any external book like this one, as that may return us to the legalism of the old Pharisees and Scribes. No, we must be in a personal intimate relationship with God at all times and we must always ask His Holy Spirit to lead us in every little thing - also including the things written in this book. Only then these things will become a reality to us and then will we be able to DO what the Bible says.

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