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The Final Revelation: The Sun Project

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UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life exists! After observing a UFO conference, a group of former military and intelligence officers decided it was time to tell their side of the story in a book that is both controversial and enlightening. What is the real story about ETs on Earth and why have they come here? What was their role in the creation of humankind and how does it affect our future on this planet? Is a super-intelligent race of beings actually observing us as suggested by the "Zoo Hypothesis?"In the The Final Revelation; The Sun Project a group of former military and intelligence analysts break the code of silence and share their knowledge of what could be the most closely guarded secret in the history of mankind. The truth is that the question of whether intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe has been answered.  And, this book is not just about UFOs and Extraterrestrial life but strikes at the core of human existence and the destiny of humankind. Do you want to know?

And, there have been a number of recent scientific announcements that corroborate statements made in the book. For example, NASA's recent discovery of an Exoplanet "Solar System" within the Milky Way Galaxy, DARPA's new project to study Electromagnetic Communications Between Biosystems and its Engineered Living Materials Project, Caltech's confirmation of a Ninth Planet on an Elliptical Orbit Past Neptune, the University of Bristol's development of Nuclear Powered Diamond Batteries, NASA's discovery that Starlight Fuels the Essence of Life in the Universe, Harvard Medical School's Creation of Biological Nano-Robots and NASA's announcement that Gravitational Waves Exist and can Propel Objects, to name just a few.

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