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Fun Avant Garde Sweater/Shrug Without Knitting: The Easy, No-Knit Shrug

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Fun, Avant-Garde Sweater Shrug Without Knitting is a book for the person who loves to wear sweaters and shrugs and loves a new adventure at the same time. The person does not have to be a knitter to make his or her own sweater or shrug. The book easily describes the simple process that allows a sweater or shrug to be made. Plenty of photos and images giving detailed directions in picture form allows a person to become an expert in taking a design I have given here or making their own design. A sweater can be easily be made in an hour or two, then thrown into the washing machine and dryer to shrink. The secret is the sweater must be made of wool or like material that shrinks. A person will have fun rummaging through old sweaters at thrift store, looking for those sweaters that are out-of-date or not but made of wool, or like shrinkable product. Good luck to all those like kind of person to myself which likes a new adventure in which they are making something new to wear.

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