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The Illuminate: The Essential Color Authority for Life

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In a world filled with turmoil, uncertainty and much strife, The Illuminate brings us a sense of comfort and unique insight into our own self, within the natural world around us; a world of colors.

It is said, the continued existence of man, in God’s eyes, sits on the shoulders of thirty-six righteous people. That portends to a selection process of new righteous people every generation, to keep the quorum of thirty-six souls alive and functioning on earth at all times.

This is one account within that selection process. The belief is these thirty-six are granted certain knowledge and powers, kept secret from the rest of humanity.

The Illuminate tells the story of Valeria, a nine-year-old child, as she goes through the process of training as an Illuminate. The story is richly heartwarming as we read of the relationships she builds with her Aunt, with whom she is staying for the summer and an astral traveling Papillion dog named Oliver.

Oliver leads Valeria to a higher world of colors, where Archangels give her wisdom. The author has detailed lessons of how man interacts with color and what color means to man, is an incisive window into our own characters and personalities.
The author ingeniously defines a “color code”, which is pre-programmed in us all. Our like or dislike of a certain color or a shade within that color, is skillfully analyzed as character traits.

The author identifies our peculiarities, attributes, and behaviors, based on our color of choice and she is thoroughly on target.

The thirty-six Illuminates task are to inspire us all to seek a higher morality, a greater sense of spirituality and a need to both embrace and offer love to all.

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