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Leadership in the Church

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This is an all-purpose book which Christians and even non-Christians will find very interesting. As the title implies, this book intends to provide leadership within the church, but the corollary adventure of the book goes beyond the church enclave. The information in this book is enormous; the book is all-encompassing. It is a book no Church leader can afford to gloss over to increase your knowledge, check yourself and evaluate your ministry! I strongly recommend this book to all and sundry. Pastor (Dr.) E. O. Abina, General Overseer, The Gospel Faith Mission International

Leadership has multiplicity of definitions; it will be presumptuous for anyone to attempt a definition that will satisfy a student of leadership. Everyone is a leader somewhere. Every parent is a leader, first to the children and then to others. The leader influences the followers and the follower in turn influences the leader. Your way of life influences other, you are a big influence on those around you. You will give account of your leadership. All of us one day will give account of the influence we brought on others to God our maker. Before you take any action or say something from today, think of it. How will it affect others? Rev. Dr. Gabriel Oluwasegun

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