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Heal Yourself

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Throughout this book, you learn to maintain your health, prevent illnesses, heal yourself, and enhance your body and mind in order to render yourself healthier, stronger, more capable, and full of energy. You learn to identify, approach, heal, and prevent over eighty distinct illnesses and related health issues that everybody may encounter throughout life. Among these are Diabetes, colds and flus, strokes, allergies, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Obesity, Cancer, Depression, Atherosclerosis, Social Problems, Headaches, Nausea, Heart Attacks, Insomnia, Arthritis, and many, many more!
This is not alternative medicine even though it involves only natural remedies, and it is not mainstream medicine, since it does not involve drugs, chemicals, or any other medical intervention. You are simply learning the facts about your mind and body, how they function, how they contact illnesses, and how they defend themselves, along with everything that you need to know about your health and your medical condition, from objective, cognitive, and social perspectives.
You might have already noticed everywhere people healing themselves and being very determined about it! It certainly takes more that strong determination to heal yourself and be successful! The endeavor of healing yourself and maintaining your health continuously throughout life may seem idealistic, yet once you master it, it takes less time, less stress, and less effort to do it, and you get to invest your time and effort on more important matters in life, achieving your full potential.

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