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Driven to Kill

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Peter O’Brien had it all a beautiful wife, mansion and a successful career and felt they had the perfect life that anyone would envy but that was all about to change because gradually over the years which was many they were slowly drifting apart. Both were workaholics and stopped going out to dinner after work because they were just too exhausted from work to make time for one another. They also stopped telling each other they loved one another even though deep down inside they still both did.

Eventually, intimacy in the bedroom was lacking and Peter’s loud snoring landed him into the guest bedroom where he would spend the rest of his lonely days in and cause their marriage to be on the rocks. Because of the lack of intimacy for them was gone resentment was growing between them which caused Peter’s wife to start opening the doors to other possibilities to fill the void she needed so desperately to feel whole again and have self-worth. On the other hand Peter just couldn’t and didn’t want to seek out another woman so he started eating excessively and drinking to drown out his sorrows but that just made matters worse and his wife’s bed was back in action again but not with her husband. Peter’s wife was at the point of “I don’t care if he knows or not.” Neither one of them had the guts to get a divorce and go on their merry way so they both stayed in it because it would be too expensive for a divorce and the money they both made together had them both in a comfortable situation.

Many nights while Peter was lying in his cold bed with a bottle of whiskey on his night stand without his beautiful wife to keep him warm he would hear noises coming from the bedroom they once shared together as a married couple was instead being occupied by her lovers that she brought in night after night. Peter would just swig down his bottle of whiskey and with both hands push both sides of his pillow to drown out the noises and drift off into a deep sleep. After a while Peter just couldn’t take it anymore so he confronted his wife and she just belittled him which drove him to kill her with his bare hands by strangulation.

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