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Killer B's, Volume 2: Son of a Killer B (1996-2016)

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In Killer B’s, Vol. 2, the iTunes Movie Guru (Emeritus) shares an ALL NEW selection of the best unknown, undiscovered movies from 1996-2016 available on demand.

There’s a reason most unknown movies stay unknown: they suck. And with thousands of movies available at your fingertips from numerous on demand services, the big question is, How do you find a GOOD movie?

The answer: Killer B’s, Volume 2: 237 MORE Great Movies On Demand You’ve (Probably) Never Seen. Killer B’s makes full use of the on demand advantage: easy access to lesser-known films. It’s just as easy to find a hidden gem as a recent blockbuster...if you know what you’re looking for. The Killer B’s series lets you know what to look for.

Whatever you call them—buried treasures, sleepers, or "killer" B movies—these are great little films that never got the publicity, distribution or attention they needed for their audience to find them. Killer B’s are terrific but little-known films, designed with a general audience in mind—there are no "cult classics," no "forgotten favorites," no "so bad they're good" flicks...all you’ll find is the delight of discovery of 237 excellent but overlooked films.

Life’s too short to watch bad films. Don’t be stung by bad movies—put Killer B’s to work for you, and find a few good movies you’ve (possibly) never heard of and (probably) never seen!

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