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Laid Up By The Lake

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The adventures of Meg the Furry summoning Succubus continue in volume five of the erotic comedy series Fuzzy Magic. Megan is still trying to get back into Lilith's good graces. The Goddess of Lust has taken her spirit husband and won't release him until she has summoned and drained enough spirits to balance the books. Having worked her way through her entire stuffed animal collection, twice, she heads out to her aunt's lake cabin. A sudden downpour and a tumble down a hill leave her battered, bruised, and soaked to the bone. She manages to stagger in and get everything running with a little magic. One long hot bath later she summons some medical assistance. One looks like a medical professional and one looks like a holistic practitioner, but they both prescribe the same treatment for the neophyte Succubus. All Meg needs, or gets, is a lot of sexual healing.

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