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Bruce Howard P.I. - a noir series



Sex and violence. Violence and sex. Usual suspects in the life of Bruce Howard, private investigator. In a small, nondescript town, Bruce constantly finds himself in pursuit of someone else’s truth and case after case this arrogant womanizer proves he is the best at what he does.

But when the one person Bruce cares about, a young boy named Timmy, is in danger, rage consumes Bruce and a monster that he held deep inside himself escapes. The demons from Bruce’s past begin to re-surface and the secret shame that he had been running from for nearly a decade is revealed.

Worst still, the truth that Bruce thought he was running from is even more twisted than even he knew or could have imagined.

Once you start you won’t stop. Bruce Howard – Gentleman with a Loaded Gun is a collection of thrilling, detective mysteries that will captivate all readers.

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This collection includes:
Volume 1 - Bruce Howard - Gentleman with Brass Knuckles
Volume 2 - Bruce Howard - Gentleman with a Loaded Gun
First three issues of the monthly series Barrios & McCloud
First two issues of the monthly series Fear the Unknown - D.R.Y.V.E.R.

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