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Circus of the Dead

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A once thriving town called Doomsville was slowly moving into depression and since every other town around them had the economic funds to advance the town of Doomsville was left to fend for themselves. Since money was running out as well as jobs the townspeople started robbing and killing each other to survive in the depressed town. It was every man for himself and friends became enemies very quickly.

The only entertainment the town of Doomsville had was the circus which brought in the majority of the towns money, but since the owner died while he was home trying to enjoy a quiet evening, turned quickly into a deadly one because one of his neighbors broke into his home looking for food and money. The circus owner wasn’t the sharing type so he was ordered to get on his knees and still wouldn’t give in so the neighbor put the end of the cold shotgun barrel against his face and blew his head off his shoulders.

The town’s cemetery was running out of places to bury their dead so graves had to be dug up and coffins were stacked on top of one another as a solution. A businessman by the name of Jack Wilson who was staying at a motel in Doomsville paid a visit to the run down circus which brought back wonderful memories as a child when he used to go to the circus on a regular basis in his hometown. He was saddened to see it going to ruin so he had this brainstorm of an idea that he would invest the majority of the money he had set back for early retirement, and bring this gem back to life once again, and save the town from total destruction but he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

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