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The Hole-in-the-Wall: A study of the mariners and ships in Seaham Harbour 1841 to 1911

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This book introduces the reader to the port of Seaham Harbour in County Durham on the lovely North-East coast of England.
The early development and growth of the harbour and the town is briefly described to set the context for the detailed research on the collier sailing ships, collier steamships and crews in harbour on each census day from 1841 to 1911.
Descendants of mariners may find their forefathers in this book listed on board ships in Seaham Harbour. Details of each ship are given where the data is available. The analysis and detail extracted from each census contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the life of a mariner in the days of sail and in the transition from sail to steam ships. Previously unknown maritime information and facts are revealed. The distinction between a barque, brig, brigantine, schooner and ketch, the workhorses of the collier sailing fleet, are explained; issues are considered about the hard working life of mariners on board sailing ships and the demise of the sailing ship era.

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