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Nix Nine: Outlaw's Mission (Sci-fi Series)

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NIX-9: An infamous, deep space prison set on NIX, one of the moons orbiting the systems ninth sub-planet, Pluto.

When bounty hunter Jahn Outlaw embarrasses one of the systems most beloved stars, he finds himself charged and headed to one of the same deep space prisons that he's sent hundreds of other interplanetary offenders. But, after a wild night of bonding with the inept guards assigned to keep him out of trouble, Outlaw discovers his only daughter has been imprisoned and in the process of being transferred to the worst lock down in the solar system, NIX-9. Now, determined to break her out, Jahn has to convince his guards to help him plot his daughter's rescue. Little do any of them know that by volunteering for this mission they're setting themselves up for front line seats to a civil war that's been brewing in our solar system for over over 100 years.

“Action, adventure, and a little lizard love. It's like Star Wars meets Guardians of the Galaxy, only it all taking place right in our own solar system's backyard.” - Michael E. Esser, Creator/Author

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