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Future Tech Corp.: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #3
Future Tech Corp.: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #3
Future Tech Corp.: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #3
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Future Tech Corp.: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #3

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About this ebook

Damian Mackeths; a handsome business owner and certified genius. Oh, he’s a billionaire.  As founder and owner of Future Tech Corp, he has everything one could ask for; money, fame, luxury houses, cars and hot rods, and the best electronics money could buy.   

What doesn't he have? Someone to share it with.

Enter Tristiana, or ‘Trish’ Romans. His assistant of several years, who also happens to be easy on the eyes and holds similar interests; computers and cars.  She runs a good portion of Future Tech daily operations. And unfortunately for Damian, he's developed a thing for her. The question that lingers in his mind; does he take the leap?  

As Damian works through his interests, a new generation of young adults is emerging. Among them is Trinity, of whom is the daughter of a highly prestigious woman who expects nothing less than the absolute best. Will Trinity be able to rise to the occasion?

Damian and Trinity’s paths collide when an ancient evil is brought back from the grave. It’s s so horrendous that it makes the modern day terror war look like child’s play.

If the powers that be cannot come together, civilized life would be destroyed.

~ Age: 17+ ~

PublisherMatt Deckman
Release dateAug 6, 2016
Future Tech Corp.: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #3
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    Future Tech Corp. - Matt Deckman

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    The story line gets progressively darker and more mature.


    All technical terms that have an explanation in the glossary are bolded.


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    Future Tech Corp.

    Chapter 1

    Damian looked out of his office window, which was roughly 70 floors above the street. He looked out over the city that his company helped clean up; the roads, the sidewalks, new trains, etc.  He looked out over the wealth that the city had, at the cleanliness of the city, over the busy people walking about, going through their daily lives.

    While he was only 30 years old, he had spent the last 10 years expanding his small business into a multibillion dollar corporation.  His company was a computer and electronics company that had its hands in everything that dealt with technology, from the smallest mobile device to the largest server mainframe, and everything that connected to it through the network that his company had created and maintained. His company had originally started out as an alternate energy source company and everything had grown from there, as people realized the benefits of his alternative energy, magic.

    Everything had been possible 12 years ago when he first started to use magic, introduced to him by the Elves and FireCats. It was a class he took on a dare and this was where that dare landed him. It allowed him to push himself not only physically, but also mentally.  The subject matter became simple to him when he used magic. Of course, humans hadn't really been in tune with magic at the time and using it to help themselves in areas wasn’t really on the books in dealing with rules and regulations. Now, it was prohibited.

    His current track of thought was on the situation developing between the dragons and the three existing species; humans, FireCats and Elves. He was trying to find a way to make the merger of the cultures easy. The merger between the FireCats, elves and humans had been simple, all thanks to one of the FireCat’s Generals, Melissa, but the dragons were a different story.  At one point the dragons dared him that he didn’t know what he was talking about when they said ‘he couldn’t possibly understand the circumstances between a non-magic wielder and a magic wielder.’ Once he showed them his ability to use it, right after they insulted him, they changed their attitude and became more civil. Negotiations progressed more smoothly from then on.

    Automatic sliding glass doors behind him opened up for his secretary and CIO as she walked in with a transparent tablet in her hand. She was marking off a schedule and looking at several charts.  The writing was in a different language, Japanese, as per company policy.  The Techs had developed a flawless translation software for those outside the company looking to read or reference company documents. 

    Sir, we’re experiencing a 3 to 4% increase in profits for this quarter. We had to hire several more people, a few in the tech department while the rest were in general labor.  We had to fire two people. The first for being late every day and the other for behavioral problems while on the job, she reviewed.

    Her name was Tristiana Romans, Trish for short. She was in charge of his appointments, events and meetings and all the preparation and coordination that came with them.  She oversaw the entire company's network and infrastructure.  While Damian had designed and set up the original system, Trish built and monitored any extension that Damian added to it.  Trisha also gave her opinion of any addition that Damian had in mind.

    He looked at her reflection in the glass, nodded and returned his focus to looking out the window, Anything else?

    Nothing else to report, it’s shaping up to be another normal day, she skimmed over the tablet, looking for anything else that might peak Damian's interest.

    How is the progress with Eleanor coming along? He turned his head to the side. It was the one thing he always asked.

    Um, Trish looked through the tablet, "it’s progression is normal, though on the bottom end of the tolerance scale."

    Eleanor was Damian’s pet project that he’d been designing and creating for 10 years.  When he was able to finally able to hire the best of the best programmers and software engineers, he put them on the task to create most of the core code. That was the hardest part, creating the core components. When the project was done, it would be able to run Future Tech's network.  Everything that was attached to the network, Eleanor would be able monitor it.

    Bottom of the tolerance scale…hmm… are there any details as to why or are they just behind? Damian asked. He understood it was a massive project, with everything he wanted in it.

    There aren’t any notes, sorry, she hated to disappoint him. On his word, anybody could be fired or hired on the spot and considering how she had gotten here, she didn’t want to risk blowing the opportunity.

    That’s quite alright, you can’t report something to me that isn’t there to report.  Place a call to them and put them on speaker, I’d like to know what the situation is, he spun around and walked the short distance to his desk that had multiple monitors and computers around it. 

    His desk had four monitors, of which he could slide to the sides and lower into the desk.  He had another four that lowered from the ceiling and came down to just a few inches of the monitors on the desk. It was a tech’s paradise; plenty of monitors, plenty of speed and power along with the fastest internet connection. 

    Trish had covered the distance to his desk, turned the phone around and dialed the number that came with the report, the one that had ‘call if questions, comments or concerns’ next to it.

    It rung twice before someone picked up, Mr. Mackeths sir, what can I do for you?

    Trish was about to respond when Damian held up his hand, I have a report here that says you are behind schedule with the Eleanor project, but within the acceptable parameters. May I ask what the issue is with your team being behind schedule? he mouthed ‘thanks’ to Trish, she nodded in response and waited to be dismissed.

    "Well sir, the programming and coding is getting fairly complex and we’re encountering a lot of bugs with the software.  Honestly, some of the team is not even sure this type of code is possible. I mean, we are doing the best we can to incorporate all the features and functions you’ve asked to be put in, with all the syntax, sequences and connections. We’re finding a lot of sequence issues.  It's almost as if the software is getting confused," the man on the other end explained.

    Damian took a second to think, So, what you’re telling me is that the programming code and layout is very complicated and complex, nearly to the point of being theoretically impossible?

    I guess, in a sense, yes?

    Ok, for your team to be put back on track; what would you ask for or need? For the moment take money out of the equation. Damian started his normal trouble shooting methods.

    Um..., the man started, We’d need a genius to figure out the layout…um, Ryan O’Connell himself?

    So, a programmer that is world famous? Damian joked.


    Ok, I’ll see what I can do, but for now, continue working. Over time is a go.  Take as much as you need.

    Thanks, have a good day. The man said.

    You as well, Damian hung up, Trish, try to see who you can hunt down. I want to the top four people who can handle this or say they can handle it.  What time is it, he looked at his watch, Ok, it’s 9 am now, take a quick 15-minute break as you’ve been here since 6:30. I’d ask that you leave a building, but that probably won’t happen, he smirked at her.

    Yes, you know me too well, Trish smiled back and walked out, still smiling. Damian was also an understanding man and thought in computer terms.  His problem solving methods allowed him to accomplish much in life and allow him to be a much appreciated and desired boss.  The way he ran his company had gathered much respect for him. Trish certainly appreciated what he had done for her.

    Damian pulled all his monitors close and brought his computer back to life as he continued his work. He started his day at 7 am every morning for the past 10 years and worked until 5 or 6 each day. Trish however started earlier, 6:30 every morning, and worked till roughly 4, sometimes 5. He appreciated her long days, but it wasn’t always like that. When she first started she had some difficulty adjusting, but after a few weeks she was used to it. That wasn’t the only thing she had to get used to though; the other was having an authority figure to report to. Before working for Damian, she was her own boss and her work was top notch.  Her line work wasn't exactly legal.

    He remembered when he had first met her, metaphorically speaking. He had activated her web camera and saw her briefly when they were fighting for control; control of his company’s computer system.  When he had her picture, finding her was much easier. She was a fabulous computer user, builder and hacker. She knew almost everything there was about computers, even beyond the means of being legal. When they had arrested her, she had a total of 20 computers rigged in a make-shift network that was considerably powerful, for its configuration.

    Trish had only been working at Future Tech Corp for two and a half years, and she had made considerable progress.  Now, not only was she making excellent money, she was also expanding her resume, learning more, working with computers and wasn’t in jail.  Damian remembered that she was also about to turn 26 years old and needed to remember to get her something for her birthday.  They had become good friends while she worked there. 

    As he stared at the numbers coming across the computer screen, he had to admit to himself that he was developing a crush on her. He did find her attractive. Was she the most beautiful girl on the block? No, far from it. She did however, have a cute, somewhat roundish face, short hair that went to her jawline with a variety of natural highlights that spanned from a dirty blond to a dull brown. Whatever she considered her hair color, he was fond of it.

    Trish was also thin for her height, but she wasn’t tall either.  While most people wouldn’t find her intimidating, she did have the ability to take care of herself and had proved it several times.  In addition to learning Japanese, for all employees, each one was also required to take a self-defense course that was suited for their size and work style. It was company paid for and held on site, like many other offered training courses and programs.

    Back to business, he muttered as his fingers skirted across the keyboard, bringing up windows and applications. His machine was fast, very fast. Most of the applications he had on his computer, would load—with all the additional plug-ins, in under 3 seconds, while most computers at his company needed anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute for the same thing.

    The machine had several CPUs in it, each was an octo-core, operating well above its stock speed, at 7.0 Ghz each. Coupled with that, he had 4 GB of Ram to accompany every core, with a RAID 5 array of solid state drive storage space to put some of NASA’s systems to shame. Overall, it was probably one of the fastest, most powerful computers in existence with the exception of what Ryan O’Connell had running.  It was a machine that he had designed from the chips up and created everything that was on it.  It had its own dedicated power line that was connected directly to the power grid.

    The company took up what used to be known as the FlatIron District in New York, shooting up 116 floors, 120 if the four relaxation and break floors were included. Across the street was a power station that supplied the entire building with power. That power station housed an enormous reactor, similar to what the fictional character Tony Stark had powering his tower.  It was the first generator that he had designed and supersized it. Once it had started, the momentum weights in the system kept the machine running and only needed 10 gallons of fuel to sustain it every week. One of Damian’s side projects was to design and make a motor that ran on half of that per week, and eventually take the motor out of the equation entirely and have it run on a day’s work of magic and only need a single person to supply it with magic, be it an Elf or FireCat. He had several applicants, but none of which had the magical capacity that he was looking for.

    Normally there would be another building where people could go for food. Instead, Damian built that into the Future Tech tower.  He had several cafeterias built into the tower and since the tower had four identical pillars, there were numerous cafeterias. They were designed to house the entire staff of the tower.  There was also a day care, exercise and doctor facilities built into the tower, under 'leasing' floors.  It \ wasn’t that he wanted to keep his workers at the tower 24/7, but he wanted to make sure that their lives were easier, that way they could spend less time worrying about the issues and dilemmas in their lives and focus that energy on their work, which in turn would give them more benefits and perks.  It was a win-win situation as it had been getting excellent reviews. Not only did it help keep the employees worries and stress down, it also employed several hundred more people.

    Today, he was going to be working on the company logo as well as reworking one of the floors in the tower to optimize i's layout. He had a feeling that today, Tuesday, was going to be a busy day.

    Trish was looking around online for different programmers, on all the job sites she could think of and find, and only found a select few that came close to qualifying.  Even though Damian had told her to take a break, she continued working.  The Eleanor project was of great concern to him and he seemed very interested in getting it done on time.  She wanted to get her hands on a copy of the code and look through it to see what it all had inside, but that would take days, if not weeks to go through and she couldn’t use the weekends because she worked half a day Saturday and had other things to do.  So, she was stuck with trying to find a good programmer.

    She dialed the first number that she had collected, "Hello, she heard and began her part, Hi, this is Trish Romans from Future Tech Corporation, is a Steve Myers there?"

    This is Steve Myers, how can I help you?

    Well Steve, I’m looking at your resume and I see that you have about 10 years of programming experience. I’ve got a project here that needs skilled and experienced programmers, would you be interested?

    Of course I would.

    Ok, great. The only downside to this is that you’d be coming into the project during its mid stage and your tasks would include getting the project back up to speed. However, there is an extreme level of detail and programming that would be required in a short amount of time. You’d probably be putting in a great deal of overtime each week and hammering out more code than you’ve probably done before. Is this something that you’d be interested in still?


    Ok, I’ll be sending you a small snippet of code that’s going to be in the project. If you feel you can do this, please email me back and I’ll start setting up an interview.

    Sounds fantastic.

    Ok, I look forward to hearing from you, bye, with that, Trish hung up and moved onto the next person.  She had about 3 more to do before she had to contact Ryan.  The conversations when the same way and within an hour, she had the email’s sent out with 2 responses, one saying they could handle the snippet, the other couldn’t even understand the snippet. The snippet had been roughly 400 source lines of code, or code segments that would actually do something.

    Her next step was calling Ryan as she dialed the number and waited, Hello, Ryan speaking, Ryan answered.

    Ryan, this is Trish Roman from Future Tech.

    Oh, hi Trish, it’s been a while, how is everything going?

    It’s going fine. Listen, the reason why I’m calling is because one of Damian’s projects is falling behind a bit more than he’d like and it needs some help. I’ve called several people but from what it sounds like, the head project manager wants you on the project to help put it back on track, Trish explained.

    Oh that could be a problem. Unfortunately, I’m tied up here at work with a few things and I’m not going to be available for some time, let alone the situations that will probably arise with all the merging going on, Ryan replied.

    Yeah, I thought that was going to be the case, so I came prepared to ask you, do you have any students or can think of anybody with exceptional programming abilities? This project is probably one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult programs any human has ever tried to create, Trish explained.

    Well, our friend Jason, who’s in the Black Squadron, took up programming and he’s become one of the better programmers that I’ve seen, not the absolute greatest, but one that is fairly knowledgeable in many programming languages and methodologies. But if I had to pick someone exceptional, it would be Jerecko.  He’s a little bit of a maverick with how he works, but one of the best I’ve personally worked with. He doesn’t really follow the norms for styles and does some odd things with coding, but definitely one of the best, Ryan tried to paint a nice picture but always failed at this stuff.

    Thanks, do you happen to have his number where I can reach him? Trish bit her tongue.

    Give me your email address and I’ll forward everything to you. Jerecko doesn’t have a phone number. He answers everything by email and I’d include some code to show him how serious you are. If he’s interested, he’ll respond back. If he isn’t, you won’t hear anything. Give him roughly 6 hours to respond, Ryan explained.

    Thanks Ryan, I’ll let Damian know about everything, Trish thanked Ryan and hung up.  She knew that getting Ryan away from his work and family now-a-days was currently impossible.  Hell, it was nearly impossible for Ryan to get home to see his kids; work was becoming that demanding of him. 

    After the Black Squadron had proved themselves years ago, Trish recalled, more like ten. Melissa and Ryan concentrated on their work. Ryan had let the technology he developed, sell into the human hands. Of course, he had a rock solid agreement and humans couldn’t make any real money off it unless they really could push the technology.  Damian had found a way to do so. But he was also a gifted magic user by then and had pushed everything to its limit and beyond.  That was also when the world saw the benefit from the combined knowledge of the FireCats, Elves and Humans.  It would be far more beneficial for the cultures and minds to combine instead of being isolated.

    It was also because of the operation that Amy used to spinal cord and leg operation. While Melissa had to have a cane at one point to walk around, she was able to do things, but with a great deal of assistance from magic. From there, things almost literally fell into place and the societies became extremely friendly. There were the occasional fights, but they were settled of rather quickly.

    Trish sighed and went to check for the email. Even her computer was powerful, though it as nothing compared to Damian’s.  She had triple 30" monitors, 4 six core CPUs and 4 GB of RAM for each core. She had a few solid state drives connected in a RAID formation, but it still didn’t compare to Damian’s. Nobody really knew what Damian was running and it was suspected that nobody would really find out. 

    She immediately saw the email and opened it, Ok, this is Jason’s and that is Jerecko’s, she muttered as she forwarded the email to Damian and explained everything.  She picked up her phone and dialed, Damian, do you want me to contact the two people I just sent to you via email or do you want to?

    From what I can gather from the email, I’ll do Jerecko. You can do Jason, Thanks Trish for your help. He hung up.

    Trish sighed again, leaned back and looked around. While her office was rather large, it was still small compared to Damian’s. His office covered half of an entire floor while her office was only a quarter of a floor. The rest was a mechanical room for all the cables and devices for the 5 floors above, which were nothing but cubicles and assorted conferences for the people who used them. 

    Leaning forward, Trish began typing an email out to Jason and included the snippet of code for him to look at. She wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle it. She did however hope that this Jerecko person would be able to. Once the email was sent, she went back to her other work, which included a new motor design for the power reactor that Damian had designed. She knew that he was also working it, but she knew things about the motor that he didn’t know and used that.

    While she was a very good computer user almost god like, she did also appreciate car engines, the fast ones. She had owned a dodge charger at one point, before she was…caught doing things with computers that she shouldn’t have been doing. Yes, Damian was pretty much a genius now, he did forget or neglect a few things along the way, that’s where she came in to help him.

    I guess I kind of compare myself to him, she smiled at how well she knew the man. It was almost as if she was developing a crush on him. She gave her head a slight shake and went back to work. She couldn’t afford to think about that when the Eleanor project was a high priority.

    Damian had sent over an email to Jerecko and within 1 hour, he had gotten an email back with a single word.


    Damian had asked him if he wanted to work on the project and that it was very time sensitive, along with being an extremely challenging piece. He included an easy section of code that had 250 lines, a mediocre section that had roughly 300 and an advanced, extremely challenging section that had over 500.  By easy, with the 250 lines, he meant some of the most difficult code in the world.

    His phone went off, Hello?

    Damian MacKeths?

    Yes, who’s calling please? Damian started a trace on his computer with the touch screen controls so nobody could hear it.

    This is Jerecko. I’m calling you because of the email you sent me. I’m curious as to what the size is…that coding that you included was extremely complex and something I’ve never seen before by any company what-so-ever.

    Damian looked through the security camera and saw the man, roughly five foot eight inches tall and wearing shorts with a polo shirt, Well, it’s a complicated project that is going to accomplish quite a bit and I need help getting it back on track.

    Is there a time and place that we can meet up? Jerecko asked.

    Considering you’re right outside…I have a security camera on you so we can meet up now.  And if you’re wondering if I’ve got the right guy, your polo shirt has a small gator in the upper left breast area and you have eight inches’ worth of chain hanging out of your left pocket, Damian described.

    Ok, fair enough, I see the camera you’ve got on me. I’d be glad to meet up with you. My apologies for having us meet this way, I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t like people calling me constantly for jobs. I’ve got enough work on my plate as it is, Jerecko explained.

    Damian laughed, sounds like my life, come on in, I’ll have you escorted up.  Damian hung up and had security walk the man up to his office.

    Trish noticed Jerecko walking buy, as Damian had given her the man’s description, son of a bitch. She muttered and smiled. She couldn’t believe how accurate Ryan had been and how fast Jerecko actually responded.

    Jerecko, Damian extended his hand.

    Damian I presume? Jerecko took his hand.

    Yes, you’d presume correct. Normally I’d have a phone interview with someone I’m hiring first, but this situation is unique. This project is of great importance and I’m investing a lot of money and time into it.  It’s like my pet project and if it doesn’t do what I want it to do, well, let’s just say an awful lot of time, money and energy will have been for nothing.

    "Can I ask how much has already been invested in this monster, since those snippets weren’t just snippets, those were modules."

    No, those were snippets. The modules are considerably bigger. The smallest module to date is over 100,000 L.O.C.

    Ok, we’re talking a huge program here, Jerecko said.

    Not just a program, an entirely new one of a kind, operating system. Are you familiar with from Ironman?

    Yes I am…wait, you’re trying to mimic Jarvus?! Damian had Jerecko’s full attention.

    Yes, I’m going to mimic Jarvus with what I call Eleanor. That’s the project’s name, the Operating system’s name and the name that it will respond to. Damian explained.

    Ok, what’s a rough estimate of how much money you’ve invested in this and how many hours, so I can see how to even start attacking it and getting caught up to speed, Jerecko asked.

    I’ve invested roughly $25 million into it, $5 million of my personal funds, and countless hours of time, probably well over 110,000 hours. I’ve got 120 people working on this monster almost around the clock.

    And you’re falling behind with it?  Ok, Jerecko breathed, I’m sure that it was explained to you that I don’t exactly follow the norms when it comes to coding. I’d like to see the code so that I can become familiar with what I’m going to help get back on track, then I’ll be negotiating my pay.

    Ok, fair enough, Damian looked at Jerecko, I’m willing to let you see all the code, under one condition: you be in a secure room with no electronics of any kind, not even a watch and I’ll be watching you from a video feed that will be live.

    Whatever you wish.

    As for pay, I’ve inquired into how much you usually get paid and I’m willing to pay you quadruple what you’ve normally been paid, Damian started.

    Jerecko remembered back to the one government job and shook his head, No, I’d accept twice, assuming that you’re referring to the one government job 2 years ago when they were desperate.

    Yes, assumption correct and ok, twice that amount. Do you need anything in particular?

    Just a computer that can keep up, Jerecko said.

    "Would a GEN HEX 5500 keyboard work with 2 Octo cores @ 3.00 GHz and 32 GB of RAM and 2 1 TB solid state drives in RAID formation work?"

    A GEN HEX keyboard? Wow… Jerecko didn’t mind the computer specs, but the keyboard was something else. GEN HEX keyboards were the absolute top of the line keyboards that could be run over by a firetruck and not break.  They had a typing life of 1 billion key strokes and responded up to 600 words per minute. Jerecko was at 150 words per minute and could punch out code at 300 WPM if the keyboard and computer were configured properly.  He wouldn’t even need to touch the mouse, Can I customize the keyboard and computer configuration?

    You can do whatever you want, as long as you get my project back up to speed. How much time will you need to familiarize yourself?

    Considering the size of this project and the sheer…amount of shit that’s in it, I’ll start with a week.

    Damian looked at Jerecko, spaced out for a moment and nodded, Ok, that’s acceptable. Start whenever you want, just let me know.

    Jerecko shook Damian’s hand and left.

    Trish watched the man leave and shortly afterwards, she went to talk to Damian.

    Why are we hiring Jerecko, we didn’t even get an email back from Jason yet… Trish asked.

    Jason called me and said the code wasn’t going to work for him. He’s not advanced enough for it apparently. Damian said as he sat back down.

    You know, I could help with that project, I’m more than capable of doing it. Trish had momentarily forgot her place and immediately backed down, but wondered how Damian would react. He didn’t see her back down, just heard her tone of voice.

    I understand you want to help Trish, I do. However, the complexity of the code and what it involves is beyond your scope…

    "With all due respect Damian, I’ve seen the code and what the teams are creating. It’s not that difficult. They’re actually making it more difficult on themselves by not going to a more advanced language."

    Damian turned to Trish and looked at her, eyes narrowed only the slightest bit. She didn’t have security clearance to the project, which means she got into the system without authorization. He took a moment to compose his thoughts, Trish, I do appreciate your enthusiasm, but even if I were to make them use a better language, a more advanced language, it would take another 3 years for the entire team of 120 people to be become fluent in the more advanced, modern language. That’s why they’re using a less evolved language.

    Trish wasn’t sure to make of his attitude. It was the first time that she had breached any type of security protocol in 2 years. She turned and left, but as she reached the door, he spoke.

    Trish, don’t hack into the system again.  I’d really rather not send you to prison. It would be… regretful… he said before muttering, In more ways than one.

    That afternoon, while Jerecko was looking at the coding and the layout sheets for how the software was to be constructed and designed, Damian called up the FireCat King’s secretary to see if he could schedule a meeting. He was trying to get a meeting with the Elven Prime Minister, human President and the FireCat King so that he could help advance the treaties and also do something about bringing the newest species out into the open, the Dragons.

    When the secretary picked up, Hi, this is Damian MacKeths…oh ok. Thanks, he was immediately put on hold. It was only a few short seconds before the phone was picked up.

    Damian Mackeths, how can I help you? There was still some malice in his voice.

    Apparently the FireCat king was still irked at his son Ryan selling some technology to him, Hello to you too, Ryan Sr. Lovely weather we’re having, isn’t it? Damian referenced the mood, he didn’t intend for the king to get it. He was too irritated.

    What do you want Damian?

    What I want is a meeting with you. I’m trying to hold a conference so that we can talk about the dragons and possibly the elephant in the room…

    The Elephant isn’t going to get talked about. You know what happened, deal with it.

    I can see that you’re still irritated at your son selling me a copy of the technology, and probably pisses you off even more is that I was able to understand and improve upon it, correct?

    Correct. There is nothing left to say on the matter.

    Unfortunately, I believe there is more to say on the matter, but let’s move on, shall we?

    Whatever. What is this conference you want?

    Well, I believe that…how should I put it…well, since I can’t think of any way to really say it, I’ll just be blunt. We, as in the three dominant species on the earth, have to figure a way to introduce the dragons to the general world, especially to us humans. Damian leaned back and waited for Ryan Sr. response.

    After several minutes of silence, he spoke, hello?

    I’m still here. The downside to this is that the dragons have been around longer than most people want to admit. They are also fewer in numbers and we also have to put certain laws into place that make it illegal for others to hunt them, like we had to do for our species and the elves, and vice versa.  Only this time, we have to make the laws extremely harsh, since certain folk lore of yours likes to exemplify the killing of dragons is if they were trophies to be displayed.

    Yes, I’m well aware of that. I believe we need to discuss that as well. I also need to get in touch with several people here, ones that would be beneficial to helping us solve this dilemma, Damian explained.

    True, true. Unfortunately, now, I must go. I have other matters which require my attention. The FireCat king hung up.

    Damian put the phone down and sighed, still sour. Oh well, he sat back up and decided it was time to start development, design and creation of another project of his that he didn’t want anybody to know about.

    After a few taps on the keyboard, he was into his private server and began loose model work on something that he saw in the movies, from holly wood. He certainly had the technological background for it, the money and the drive to get it.  The only difference was, this was reality, that was Hollywood, but he’d be dammed if fiction would keep him from creating it.  After all, magic was thought to be fictional, yet it was real, why couldn't this be real?

    Time to give Eleanor some metaphorical shape, Damian muttered as the model began to take shape, rather rapidly, on one of the many screens in front of him.  He wasn’t overly concerned with any of the precise details, as those would come in time, but he wanted to get the main components down, as well as some of the main systems. He’d worry about remodeling them from the a-typical types he was putting in, just to include the system and parts, this way the unit would be completed and he would either have a dedicated, private portion of the computers work on it or do a system a day and refine it when possible.

    It was nearly 3pm when he was done the general modeling. He had a mountain of emails which he shifted through, mostly dealing with project status updates, a few schedule changes to projects or product redesigns, etc.  However, he did have one that pertained to the Prime Minister of the Elven Kingdom.

    As he read through it, he realized that the FireCat King had been in contact with the Elven Prime Minister and explained to him what Damian’s thoughts were, and oddly enough, the Prime Minister agreed 100%. He was going to call the Prime minister today, but since the FireCat King emailed him, he’d have less to explain.  Other emails were from Trish, dealing with event and meeting schedules and presentations that he’d have to give.

    "I hate giving presentations to those people…they think they know what I’m talking about, they think they understand it and they think they know what to do, when in reality, I’m the one that always bails them out," he grumbled.  He’d sworn to himself that he’d one day just lay it out for them, minus the technical details, and allow them a chance at redemption.

    No, I’ll be nice…again, he sighed once more and got up. He needed to stretch. He loathed the meetings with his clients, he hated putting up with their ever increasing bureaucratic non-sense and over abused politics.  It seemed that every meeting was getting worse and worse.

    Damian, the network conference for New York is about to start, Trish said over the small intercom.

    Thanks, he looked at his schedule, tapped the screen and crossed it out.  He headed up to the conference room where the business men were waiting, all his notes on the server, waiting to be accessed and presented.

    As he stepped through the double glass doors, the businessmen watched him cross the floor to his chair where he sat down.  Today, his attire presented them with a black short sleeve shirt that was almost skin tight, tucked into black jeans with a black belt and shoes.  He pressed a few icons on the transparent screen as the larger screen came to life. It was linked to turn on when the chair was sat in and projected everything that was on the mini screen in front of the chair.

    "Ok Gentlemen, we’ve got a few issues to discuss.  First; the New York network is experiencing a 22% increase of data traffic since the last quarter. This is due to people downloading more 8K HD videos than before. These videos are being streamed to several different mobile devices, the products we put out last month," Damian started the presentation and brought up several charts, showing the staggering increase in demand of bandwidth.

    So people are using more bandwidth than last quarter? So what’s the affect that you’re showing us? one of the older business men asked.

    Damian looked at the man and responded, What I’m showing you is an increase in demand, a very large increase at that, for the amount of bandwidth. Do you remember the water pipe example that I gave you last month? The one that you said had no bearing on the current problems that I told you last month that we’d face in the next month or so?

    That example didn’t make sense! he said pointedly.

    Jared, it did, you just didn’t want to hear it, another but younger businessman said.

    We have in place a water pipe that can deliver 100 gallons a minute. Think of the water as bandwidth. The current demand is 120 gallons per minute. What’s the problem with this? We’re falling behind by 20 gallons every minute, Damian explained.

    And in order to get the extra 20 gallons a minute, we need to increase the pump capacity, correct? the old businessman said.

    We can’t increase the pump capacity because the pipe itself is at its maximum capacity.  We need to increase the pipe size to let more water flow through it. We need to start adding more fiber optic cables to our existing networks, increase the amount of physical connections so that we can meet the current demands, Damian further explained.

    So what you’re saying is that our current network infrastructure can’t handle the load that is being placed on it? the older businessman asked.

    "Exactly. 8K HD has a huge resolution and contains a lot of data, twice that of 4K resolution and nearly 4 times standard HD.

    The conference room fell silent as they mulled over the single issue.

    Take notes and finish your current thought, we have a few more issues to cover, Damian continued, The tablet we released last month, the New York version, they aren’t happy with the structure design. Most customers are saying the tablets feel too flimsy. We have to look into that and make them feel more solid. It will make the current one thicker or we find another material. I have several picked out, they’re up on the screen. You’ll all be getting a copy of the notes for future reference and to come up with solutions.

    Damian went through the last few issues easily enough and when he finally left, it was quitting time for the day. He went to one of the break rooms where coffee and other beverages were available and grabbed a small hot coco from the Keurig machine.  It was piped directly into the water line and there was always a full stock of several different beverages, along with cups, straws and stirrers.  Once he had his hot coco, he leaned back against the glass that overlooked the street. He had done this after every meeting and most people knew not to disturb him as this was his one and only time of the day when he had free time to himself.

    When he was done thinking about his coco (it was his form of meditation) he tossed the now empty cup and walked back to his office. Most of what he had been rendering and working on was now saved and finished. He quickly uploaded the files, through the proprietary software to the Future Tech site, which notified the appropriate people.  You told the software where to put the file, where the file was located and it did the rest. It was over 100 times faster than copying and pasting the file directly to the folder you needed it to be in.  The network was so huge and complex, it sometimes took an hour to transfer an MP3, even if they were only 10 MB in size. If the software was used, it took less than a second. He looked at his watch as it said 5:30. 

    Nearly time to call it quits, he muttered as he opened up his browser and searched through several sites that he had picked up on over the two years that Trish had worked for him that she either frequented or bought things from.  He also was able to look at things she had viewed recently, mostly because he was part owner in 2/3rds of the sites she visited and bought from. He chuckled at that and skimmed through the objects and other products she wanted.

    When he came across a particular object, it was an odd thing. It was a tablet that was going to be going out of stock soon and was an odd ball of sorts in the tablet world. It was older than most tablets out on the market, slightly heavier but it had something most of the others didn’t; raw power.

    What the heck? he looked at the hardware, holy shit… it was one of the tablets that wasn’t doing as well as it should have, but with the right OS and drivers, it would set benchmarks that the others in the market couldn’t dream of hitting.

    Son of a bitch, she’s been working on drivers for this tablet… he did a quick search for her files and found a great many of them, some of them were personal files, ones that she was doing on company time and others that weren’t on company time, but were being stored in her company storage folder.

    Oh brother, he sighed. He wouldn’t be saying anything, otherwise she’d know something was up. He decided that he’d got the extra mile and finish this project for her.  After the download, he looked at the code and saw where she was having difficulties and quickly finished the drivers.  He also ordered the Tablet and put next day air on it.  It was an expensive tablet and she had been waiting till she finished the drivers to get it, at least that’s what he assumed.

    It took him till roughly 6:15 to get the major drivers finished and tested in a virtual machine. With a 98.9% success rate, he felt the drivers were good enough…for now. He’d spend more time on them tomorrow before loading the Tablet with them and having everything work.

    Damian worked some quick magic and dissolved the tablet from her wish list and pulled the tablet from her view so that she couldn’t see it anymore, making her think it wasn’t available. This way it would catch her off guard. He knew it wasn’t the most ethical thing to do, but he wanted the surprise.

    He looked at his watch again, shit, time to go. He gave the computer a few quick commands, turned off the monitors and had them slide to their docked positions, hidden and out of view. 

    Damian stood, stretched and headed to the double doors. Once he exited the office, the doors locked and he wouldn’t enter until tomorrow morning.

    Tomorrow morning was when he was going to finish his special side project and see how Jerecko was doing on the software.

    There was a sharp rap at the door as Jerecko was looking over the coding at his computer, enter. He rubbed his eyes and reached for his eighth cup of coffee. It was 7am and his desk was a mess with printed pages of code all over the place. The pin up board had other pages on it, along with the layout of how the software was supposed to work.

    Any progress? Damian asked as he walked in and looked around. He scanned the pin up board and Jerecko’s desk.

    Yeah, tons actually. I can see why the project is falling behind and the amount of errors that crop up, he got up and went to the pin up board, pointing at a portion of programming on the right, This is one style of programming, compared to the other two that I see over here, and the four that are on the desk.

    "So we’ve got at least 7 different programming styles and that’s one of the hiccups?" Damian presumed.

    Definitely.  Not only do the styles conflict, but they share common bugs and when they’re found, another four or five pages of programming is needed to fix the bugs.  So every bug needs another five pages of programming to fix and there could be a bug on each page.

    fuck, Damian cursed.

    Exactly. You’d be better off having one or two people do this entire program themselves or have someone who’s good, go over it and make it all one style, Jerecko advised. He sat down, minimized the windows and sipped his coffee. He had been there the entire night, looking over everything. His eyes were worn out and he needed a shower.

    What would you recommend? Damian asked.

    I can tell you this, if you have one person doing this project, they’ll eventually figure out what it is and want copy rights to it. If you have two people doing this, they’ll want the same thing, Jerecko started, "I recommend you use me. I’m not trying to sound biased with it, but I seriously recommend you do. And if you want, create a legal document for it.  I won’t be asking for money or anything. I’ll just want credit where it’s due and that’s it. However, I won’t come cheap with this project. I’d be charging by the hour of work and looking over everything and redoing all of the coding from what I see here."

    Ok, take a break for 2 hours, do what you need to do. I recommend you leave the building.  I’ll give you a decision in two hours. Damian said before he walked out and headed to his office.  It was Friday and he counted the things he needed to get done today.

    Trish was waiting for him on outside his office, Morning Trish. I’m skipping the daily report. I’ve got a few things to think about, one concerning that Eleanor project. I’m also expecting a package today. Please leave it on my desk when it arrives.  He walked inside his office as the system cleared his security.

    The meeting that you wanted, with the FireCats and Elves, they’ve set aside a date and are willing to come, but only if it’s a neutral location, Trish said.

    Tell them it can’t be neutral; it has to be at my building for security purposes. It’ll be one of the center section conference rooms. They are most secure rooms in the building, minus my office, he responded.

    Ok, but they won’t be happy, Trish responded and went back to her office.

    Two hours passed as Jerecko came up to Damian’s office. He stopped by Trish to let her know he needed access to the office, as it was locked.  Damian was working on his personal side project and the company logo.  When Trish buzzed in, he told both of them to come.

    Damian put away his monitors and asked for them both to take a seat. He waited till they were both seated and ready.

    "As both of you know, I’ve got a huge project going on…the Eleanor project. It’s come

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