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Forgotten Body: Jo Durbin Mysteries, #2

336 pages4 hours


With a killer on the loose, Jo Durbin knows she's not the only one searching for a missing child.

An embedded reporter, Jo covers the reenactment of the War of 1812, America's forgotten war, at a Chesapeake Bay village. Should be a piece of cake. Plenty of action, faux dead bodies, pretend battles, a weeping widow, even the everyday lives of the RVers (Workampers who work at the event) and the activities of their children—all fodder for her pen. Except—there's a real body, forgotten in the grass.

As the victim's checkered past emerges, suspects multiply, including the police themselves, a couple of the reenactors, and even the mayor.

Despite any help or hindrance from her sister, a friend, and the man who wants to be more than a friend, Jo is alone when she follows a cat, who may or may not be all there, into the storm.

Jo Durbin, a bit too close to retirement age, seeks to revitalize her career, keep her nosy sister out of her business, and, finally, go it alone. Her married life was a disaster—twice—and, now single, she plans to stay that way. She doesn't mind a friend, just wants to keep him at a distance. And, she won't get involved in mystery, unless those she cares for are in danger. And the yellow cat? Not hers. No way.

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