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Alan Wake Guide

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Alan Wake is what they call a psychological thriller, though it falls half-way into the action-adventure and half-way into the survival horror genres of video game. It was developed in Finland by Remedy Entertainment, and published world-wide by Microsoft Games, and a lot of pre-publishing PR went into this title. When the game was finally released, we had great expectations for it, and the really cool thing is that it actually lives up to those expectations!

You are in for an amazing adventure, with all of the twists and turns that you would expect from a motion picture, and the really cool thing is that when this game is all done, and you have milked it for all that it is worth entertainment wise, they will be ready to release the DLC content that will let you begin enjoying it all over again! You might be thinking - that alone makes it a major bonus - but there is also the fact that Remedy recently announced that they have already started working on the sequel to Alan Wake!

Not only is there DLC and a sequel in the works, but Remedy has stated that this was the fist "Episode" in the series, which means we can expect at least two and maybe as many as three new games in this series!

I have to say that when I set out to write this walkthrough I suspected that the game would be similar to Heavy Rain, which was released for the PS3 and is another game that I did the walkthrough for, and even if it had been like that, it would have been good, but instead of follow in Heavy Rain's footsteps, Alan Wake carved its own path, and even though I have reached the end of this Episode, I am excited and enthusiastic about what is still to come!

I hope that you enjoy the game and that this walkthrough helps you. I have included a full and complete guide, with each collectible indicated in the chapter as you play rather than as an appendix in the back, because the collectibles are a major part of the Achievement system in the game. Enjoy, be entertained, rejoice. Isn't it great to live in this gaming era?

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