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A Shadow of a Man Without Her Love: A Pair of Historical Romances

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Harriet & Gavin’s Story - A woman is kidnapped from her coach while on her way to Southampton to join her mail ordered fiancé in America. The man tells her that he’s a travel officer there to help capture a trafficking gang and although cooperative, she feels that something is wrong. Once they reach Boston and after meeting her intended, she is again taken while staying at an inn on the way to Colorado. This time she knows that something is wrong and goes kicking and screaming into the night with her abductor. The mystery is revealed later at a farmhouse along the way.

The Man Who Hated Onions - Conflicted about his faith, a young man traveling the Oregon Trail in 1865 finds a large nugget of gold. He is unsure as whether to keep it to himself, or use it for public service when they reach their destination. Along the way, he meets a Christian librarian.

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