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Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations

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Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations offers a fresh perspective of the most important space in our homes – the kitchen. Lee explores the history of the heart of the home from ancient times to the modern kitchen and beyond. This book provides you with insights, ideas and real how-to tools for your own kitchen design and renovation project.

Lee shares how you too can bring more abundance into every area of your life by creating the heart of your home in a mindful manner. She does this by demonstrating how to use Feng Shui principles and balance your materials in an elemental manner that will exude happiness for all those that cook, eat and live in your kitchen.

Since it is the most expensive area in your home to renovate, it is essential to get your kitchen renovation project right the first time. Lee guides you with her signature style of DIWYTM (Design-It-With-YouTM) and follows her passion to help you design your kitchen with intention for a better life. Expertise comes from experience. With Lee’s vast array of completed kitchen renovations and award-winning designs, Lee invites you to learn insider designer tips for how to create a kitchen that is exactly what you have dreamed of.

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