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Jason and Lily

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In a future Miami torn apart by violence, warring tribes continuously battle for turf and resources.

Lily has an uncanny ability to read people-- a skill that she uses to further her tribe's interests, even though she's still too young to take her rightful place as ruler. She's a human lie detector, able to see through everyone. Until she meets Jason.

Fascinated by Jason's cool, self-possessed demeanor, Lily finds herself drawn to him, despite the fact that he's the ruler of a different tribe. The incredible bond that is forged between them leads the pair through years of turmoil, danger, and longing, resulting in cataclysmic decisions that will change their tribes forever and alter the very course of human history.

A beautiful and tragic coming-of-age story about the truest kind of love and the sacrifices we are willing to make for it.

*This book is the prequel to The E Series: E, Evolution, Eden, Elegy, and Endgame. It is meant to be read after Eden (#3).

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